JungShiauLin's parents "林享.What" & "林.Huang.Mean.春" must go to hells Because they have no right to 強盜 their 部落格kids and their kids-in-law's property and money; as per JungShiauLin's words, they sold the house 部落格addressed 高雄縣鳥松鄉中正路367-17號  that under JungShiauLin's name but must belong to me to buy their c 部落格urrent house addressed as 高雄縣鳳山市北隆路86號; as per JungShiauLin's words, they also stole the money I stored in the a 房屋買賣partment addressed 高雄縣中泰街17-2號, then threw all my belonging as trash out of that apartment 房地產 while I was out of Taiwan, that apartment under "林享.What" name but paid by JungShiauLin monthly; parents have the duty t 婚禮顧問o feed the kids when they are richer than the kids, parents have no right to 強盜 kids money or property no matter how poor those stupid bad 關鍵字排名 ugly evil parents may suffer or face, parents must have to starve to die still have no right to 強盜 "Way.Fool.Boot.Ren" or "Moon.中.5.Ren" kids whatever rich or 信用貸款famous. Go to hell "林享.What" & "林.Huang.Mean.春" for they committed "Jane.Sold.自盜" 強盜 and treason crimes, and go to hell JungShiauLin for he failed to do his duty to guard my 室內裝潢right and committed treason crimes betrayed his marriage certificate duty.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 辦公室出租  .


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