No Love, No Life Therefore, any TAiwanese running for public office must disclose if he loves Chinese or not, if majority of Taiwanese who clearly disclosed having no love to Chinese be elected, then Taiwan and China must be isolated totally from each other and from the rest of the world to live and die alone. Just like a married seperate couple must live alone not be bothered or bother each others any more untill the 廬山飯店y are officially divorced or one of them left this world to release the one remaining the right of freedom again. This may explain how come you must demand every candidate speak from heart, no allowing any candidate like stupid bad ugly evil ChenSuiBen to play his evil minding like he playing in the low standard law Court, candidates have 廬山溫泉 no right to take criminal court's law standard, if they want to compare themselfs with low criminals court law standard, they must be jailed like suspected criminal hands cuffed in front of Civil Court, because military Court not afford to follow civil Court's low; and you must demand Taiwan every vote to be counted actually like it voter's indeed 花蓮旅遊 voted so that they can have their indeed deserved justice go ahead. Even stupid bad ugly evil individual once contracted the marriage certificate needs to divorce first in order to get freedom of right to wear other in title, how dare any Nation's official see National official name like nothing like stupid bad ugly evil China Communist has had done. China Com 花蓮民宿munist is more stupid bad ugly evil than those stupid bad ugly evil married couple who has common sense to seperate or fighting for divorce when they no loger care their intitled, no wonder Mainland China made their people becoming the worst hell monster creatures just see how they fanning those loser singers to get the disgusting sucks. Not mention all other communist better off than that stupid b 吉安民宿ad ugly evil losers's hell place China Communist: USSR back to own Russia, Vietnam and Cuba not divided, N.Korea and S.Korea not leave stupid bad ugly evil doers the room to hell their stupid bad ugly evil enemy within underground chain slavery terriorist monsters like that stupid bad ugly evil Taiwan head monster Chen SuiBen's suckers. Therefore, worldwide leaders, you should know now that it is your duty t 花蓮住宿o withdraw all your citizens who are still stupid bad ugly evil trapped in Mainland and Taiwan back to your own country safely. Therefore, you worldwide sportholic must have the strength to keep out of 2008 Olympic whore, do not even dare to think to go, if you dare not to say NO, you need ask how low you dare not go. Not mention China already have had too much population does not need any one of you to add more. Why you worldwide 花蓮民宿leaders must recall? because Mainland Chinese already showed lacks of good sense, you good citizens are in danger there, your stupid bad ugly evil citizens are falling unknown low lower lowest every moment more. Why you worldwide leaders must recall your citizens from Mainland China and Taiwan? Because the Taiwanese or Chinese as per their own thought are already in the deepest hell, they may have been doing whatever it takes to dragon all your naive, innocent, stupid 酒店經紀bad ugly evil doers and eat all your good better best loving heart to enable them to use all your good better best, naive, innocent, stupid bad ugly evil as their ladders to enble them to step by step up to out of their bottom, they don't care how you told them it can have all losers, no winner, because they lost all the strength or good sense to know how good better best remaining matters. And they don't care they can be dragon down by the one that replaced them in the bottom. They are 港式飲茶just like we have known from Bible to do our best to live today, the difference is they are doing whatever they can to get whatever ahead to step on. Therefore, you should know those female dressed animals no matter her name is Pelosi or Lu:ShowLain, Rice or GongLead, Hillary Clinton or Ping Horsley, as long as she lacks of the strength to be alone, all their targetted steps on.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 台北港式飲茶  .
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